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Vidhi Mody

Coding? I do it for the cookies! 🍪

3 min read · March 20th 2022

The Big Bang Theory

“This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”

People say life comes full circle. But as for me, I believe life has two - sticking close to each other making us infinite.

Overspeeding and darkness were bound to be deadly. She should have known better. Heart pacing so fast she wondered how her brain managed to function after the impact. Hitting the brakes hard she felt the adrenaline rushing through her veins. Trying to regain focus, she took a deep breath and somehow brought the derailed car back on track. As soon as the car hit the road again she felt it wobble. Her heart sank and so did her mind. It’s just a bad dream, she thought. She could hear a muffled voice from the back but couldn’t make sense of the words. Trying to regain her focus she concentrated on the voice coming from the back but failed. She tried again, “Move the car to the side of the road”, said the voice, only reminding her that this wasn’t a bad dream. The nightmare was real. She still couldn’t believe she had just experienced the first road accident of her life. She opened the door to assess the damage hoping the car wasn’t completely wrecked. Two flat tires. No to make things more clear, two completely destroyed tires. 3AM in the morning, in an unknown place, with no sight of anyone or anything around she felt stranded, lost and alone. She wanted to cry, break down but most of all go home. There was no option but to wait for help till morning. She jumped back onto the car seat wondering why she had been such an idiot. If the current situation wasn’t bad enough the sound of a police siren was here to make things worse. Her heart started beating faster as the sound became louder. What was she going to do? What a f**king mess! She saw the cop come out of his car and life come out of her body. She was about to get down when she saw her friend approach the cop. “Bad start to the morning” the cop said. “Yeah!”, he replied. “What have we got here?” the cop asked. “Two flat tires” he said. “And you were driving?”, asked the cop. “Yes”, he said. A feeling of guilt built up in her stomach. How could she let someone else take the fall for her. I cannot let this happen, she thought. She got out of the car with her mind made up - she had to confess. She walked towards the two of them to realize the situation wasn’t as bad as she thought. Making sure no alcohol was involved was his first priority. (Luckily) Everyone was sober. Things started getting better after that point. The cop did his best to help them out. Offered to call the towing truck and decided to wait till help had arrived. “Go sit in the car and stay warm. I’ll be in my car in case some drunkards attempt to crash your car.” he said. “What a cutu” she thought. Settling in the backseat she felt herself crashing. She curled up on the seat and felt fresh hot tears flowing down her eyes. The whole incident kept playing itself in front of her eyes like a loop. Drowning in her thoughts she could feel time slow down. I have to pull myself together she thought. She started to focus on the good things. The car wasn’t damaged as bad as expected. The cop’s focus was not how the car crashed but how he could help them out. A towing truck was on their way to help them. And on a brighter note they did make it out alive too. As long as the loss is only financial it should be okay she thought. After what felt like ages, the towing truck was finally here. She watched the car getting loaded to the truck anxiously. The towing guy offered them a ride home which was another huge stress buster. They went back to say goodbye to the officer and a big thank you. The fear at the first sight of him now had turned into gratefulness for all he had done for them. Bidding goodbye to the cop, she headed towards the towing truck and as soon as she settled in she sighed with relief. The dark night had passed, it was dawn and she was finally going home.

She still looks back to the day often with respect for the cop and gratitude for the friend who always had her back.


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